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Are You Maintaining the Health of Your Career?

​​If you had to define your career as an automobile, would it be that sleek sports car that purrs like a kitten or that mostly reliable box on wheels….the one making that strange noise you pretend you aren’t hearing?  The analogy sounds quaint, but it is very relevant to everyone’s career. 

Most people understand the importance of their car – it is an absolute necessity that takes you where you need to go.  When things go wrong with your car, you fix it.  The same should be true of your professional career life as well.

However, many put their career maintenance on cruise control.  Once they are secure in a job, they are “too busy” to  update their resume.  They become very proficient at their duties, and rest in the comfort zone of their abilities (translation:  hesitate to stray from what they know well & develop new skills). 

Everyone has that list of things we are not happy with at work.  Many of these list items are rooted in our own weaknesses or areas we could improve if WE developed and changed.  But we complain about the list on  a regular basis but do nothing – or sweep it under the rug and let it fester (….strange noise you pretend not to hear, anyone?).    Download & read the full article