How to benefit from Executive Coaching
How to benefit from Executive Coaching


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Group Facilitation Consulting Services

Groups can derail for many reasons, but one thing is usually present that prevents the group from moving forward - “agendas”.  Some are obvious and some are hidden, but they are usually the culprit in causing groups to falter. We teach you how to deal with the "elephant-in-the-living-room" syndrome.  When these agendas are called out, the group can move on by gaining proper perspective.

Conflict Management Consulting Services

Conflict is not necessarily a bad thing.  On a team conflict can, when viewed properly, be the basis for very dynamic thinking that leads to a better decision or outcome.  We like to call this discord “dynamic tension”.  When properly managed this dynamic can lead to better decisions and stronger more lasting outcomes.

Executive Coaching Consulting Services

Coaching helps leaders achieve their individual aspirations.  At the same time, we know that organizations must develop the leaders needed to meet their business goals.  We try to balance individual & organizational objectives. Our philosophy is simple.  First, RJ Winston Consulting works with the whole person. 

We customize our approach to the person and situation.  Second, we believe in a fundamental premise about leaders and teams: the essential ingredient for success for the leader and the team is “Trust”.   Without it no leader or team can be successful. Trust must be part of the DNA from the leader to the team and team to the leader.  We help leaders evaluate the level of trust they have with their teams and then factor that into a customized approach.

Although we have experience with many different industries, RJ Winston Consulting has significant experience providing executive coaching management training for senior medical leaders, doctors, nurses and executive-level hospital administrators.